Monday, January 30, 2012

4 - Breathe

It is amazing how important God is, for a healthy psyche.  In the past week, things have gotten... Chaotic.  And, here I sit, thinking, do I have time to write?  Or should I put in a load of laundry, or just go to sleep, because I'm tired.

I got the flu...or at least a REALLY bad cold...which means laundry piled up, toys didn't get put away, the pantry and fridge ran out of essentials, and the kids became spoiled by watching too much TV and playing too many video games.  All in all, much to undo, and a weakened immune system means a lack of energy to get it all done.  Plus, computer problems, sick kids (extra whining), elderly dog and her medications, lame horse, flat tire, torn ACL, doctor's appointments, hunting season (missing spouse), parent helper, school fundraisers, preschool meeting, and extra homework.  It is easy to lose sight of what matters.

Thinking about all these things can be debilitating.  But, just now, for the first time this week, I stopped to think about what is important to God.  I wish I had done THAT sooner!  Now, it's not so bad.  In fact, if I stop and think about what is important to God, it's easy.  Everything else can get in line after God and my family.  Problem solved.  Now I can breathe, get a good night's sleep, and conquer the day tomorrow... with God's help.  Right after a load of laundry.  Thank you God for the energy to do just one more load of laundry!

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