Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 - Pushy Christians

I wonder what is the worse offense, being a pushy Christian, or not sharing God's word?  I have always fallen in the latter category, out of fear of being in the first.  It seems to me, that being quiet is missing an opportunity to create some good, but being pushy actually creates greater distance between the individual and God.

I've known more than one person to shun church and even God because they have been exposed to people who are pushy and full of judgement.  Isn't judging God's job?  Some might argue that Jesus modeled judgement, and therefore we are asked to as well, as long as we are sharing the truth of the bible.  I would like to know what good that does, if we are offending people, and therefore, preventing someone from actually finding God?

I'll never forget, driving with my Sales Manager at my first job out of college, and him telling me that I was going to hell because I interpreted something in the bible differently than he did.  Never mind the fact that it is wrong for a person's boss to take his new hire to his church and discuss the bible.  That is a whole different issue.  It was the pompous, disrespectful, pushy, attitude that was full of judgement, that left a bad taste in my mouth.  Thankfully, I had been raised going to church, and already believed.  But, I can imagine that this isn't the first time he had had this conversation.  And I can only imagine what a non-believer would think and feel after this encounter.

So, thank you to all the gentle, kind hearted Christians that are considerate of where someone is, in their spiritual growth.  Thank you for your patience and dedication to spreading the word of God without being offensive, pushy, and inconsiderate.  You are my role models, and I hope to one day, make a difference in someone's life, like you have mine!

Oh, and if you've already been offended by someone like I was, and haven't given God a chance, please reconsider.  You are here, reading this, for a reason :-)

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